Dear Readers,

     It's about to be summertime again in Michigan. The sun is out early, and legalization is in the air. I hope everyone has their girls in the ground. Don't forget to check out Skunk Werks. It just works... particularly for outdoor grows.  Commercial interests are gearing up to get licensed. High Times is coming. Well, you know I'm not going. It's not really Medical. It's more about money then anything. Not my scene, man.

     I want to give a big shout out to Captain Kirk and Danny Fuller from Head in the Clouds genetics. It's hard to find people that you can really trust but these guys I would with my life. They are very generous honest guys. I could mention many others but these guys helped me figure something out last month that I have been misunderstanding for a couple years now.

     I'm super pumped about the 15th MMM Report Cup, the Green Mile Cup which will be at the 420 Conference Causeway Bay Hotel, in July. Speakers are lining up, Kirk from Captain Kirk Edibles, Peter Boehm from CBD Wellness and Snap36, Michael Thue from Great Lakes Health Supplements and many others.

     Remember to support our advertisers, because without them we here at the MMM Report would not be able to be here to give you the straight dope.

Ben Horner



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