Dear Readers,

     April showers bring May flowers, 420 and, Hash Bash! On the  spring equinox my newest child Aurora Jade was born. As a proud father, I write this sitting next to my peacefully sleeping bundle of joy. Women are so amazing in their ability to carry to term new life, so a big shout out to all you mothers out there.. For a moment, time stops and nothing but love can be felt. Special thanks to Kirk, Brad, John, Imani, Roberto, Arlene, David, Matt, Danny, Justine, Annette, Roy, Ashley, Beonce, Becca, Buddy, Gersh, Boone, Traci, Maria, Shana and all the other friends and family that came celebrate our newest.

     Eighty pages is the max size that the printer can produce the MMM Report without ripping the stitching. The amazing staff has reached this maximum capacity and I hope that all of you readers enjoy this issue and support all the great advertisers that make this magazine a reality. In this issue you will read about the history of Hash Bash, find out what’s happening with the plans to legalize in 2018, and lots of cannabis news from all around. The winner of the Detroit Cannabis Cup and details of the THC Expo are also included. I hope to see everyone at Hash Bash, including Mr. Hash Bash himself, Adam Brook who has maintained the event after all these years as well as our star writer John Sinclair with his newest book It’s All Good.

     Well readers, have a wonderful April, and remember we will continue to give you the straight dope here in the pages of the MMM Report Magazine.


- Ben Horner